Pedestrian Night - February Edition

6:36 AM

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Have you ever visited Pedestrian Night that happens every first Saturday evening of the month? If you haven't, I'm going to share with you on what you missed out so you still can enjoy it through the post!

Every month's theme is different so that makes it more unpredictable and fun each time! February's edition of Pedestrian Night was all about movies!

And that's right - patrons were able to watch a movie ON Orchard Road itself!

This special initiative was spearheaded by the People's Association and on Pedestrian Night, there was a screening of a selection of local film productions, as well as a series of ciNE65 three-minute short films. 

I know there are concepts of watching movies in a car like a drive-thru cinema but watching in the middle of Singapore's busiest road under the stars really sounds like an experience not to be missed! 

While for those with young ones, it may be hard for them to keep still and watch a movie so there were lots of other activities to keep kids and families occupied! There were street buskers, magicians, balloon sculptors and jugglers for live entertainment!

Not only were there free entertainment acts at Pedestrian Night, there were lots of deals and freebies too! For example, at the February Pedestrian Night, patrons who downloaded the "OneOrchard" app got a free wristband water bottle!

There were lots of in-mall promotions for shopping centres along Orchard Road. One of my favourite departmental stores, Tangs, was having a 12% rebate for its members (usual is 6% rebate) for only one day! And true to my auntie self, I took advantage of this deal and scored a huge rebate as I was buying a blender for my house!

As with every Pedestrian Night, it is always packed, both in terms crowd and in terms of activities and entertainment! Every round of Pedestrian night that I went for had its own highlights which made me look forward to the next round I was going to. It was really an interesting experience that they closed the busy roads for everyone to experience the sights and sounds of Orchard - carnival style, entertainment for everyone!

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  1. One of a kind event and a good entertainment presumably for the pedestrians on the move. Great and amazing way to entertain and good to see many people around.

  2. Wow this looks so amazing. A great and entertaining event for all the pedestrians out there. Good to see such great initiatives the pictures looks great