3 Reasons Why I Love Caring Skin

6:11 AM

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To date, I think Caring Skin has been my go-to facial spa for the longest time. If I'm not wrong, I've been visiting Caring Skin for almost two years now, and since the first time I stepped foot into Caring Skin, I have noticed remarkable improvements in my skin. Apart from the amazing skin that Caring Skin has helped to maintain, there are also other reasons why I love Caring Skin! There's a special promo for my  readers so do read on!

1. Service

 The moment I enter Caring Skin, I am greeted by their friendly therapists. They are always sooo chirpy and always smiling, making sure I'm well taken care of. Not only are they friendly, the therapists here are trained to be customer-centric and doing their best for them. Whenever I'm left alone to rest during a masking session, they would check in on me at least once to make sure that I'm ok. Even during the treatment, they would also ask if the pressure is just right and if you are feeling comfortable.

2. Results

 More importantly, I saw results in my visits to Caring Skin. I believe that everybody's skin is different and that no one treatment is suitable for all types of skin. At Caring Skin, they recommend treatments accordingly to your skin. Yes, many other places do that now but every single time I visit, they make the effort to analyse my skin and provide the best treatment for it.

When I came back from Japan after 2-week holiday, my skin was parched from the dry and cold weather and no amount of moisturizer could save it. I went to Caring Skin because I knew that they surely had something that could help me out. True enough, they did a Hydrascience Facial, something different than my usual, because they knew my skin was really dry.

This was taken after my Japan trip and after a facial with Caring Skin. No make-up here but there was a certain glow and radiance yes? :)

And without fail after each session, my skin sees results instantly! My face is much smoother and visibly brighter. With each session, the results just last longer and longer until I feel like... "Oh, it's time to head to Caring Skin? But my skin feels pretty good!" And honestly, I would gladly pay for the facial services because they are THAT good.

3. Follow-up

Caring Skin is not just about providing a service; they are sincere in your interests and constantly follow up the next day to make sure that your skin is in tip-top condition. To make things easier, instead of calling you, they would do the follow-up via Whatsapp so that you can reply at your convenience. They are really prompt with their response too!

Another thing about being contactable via Whatsapp is that I can drop them a message to fix an appointment! I don't have to find time to call them; I just need to type a message and send!


Taken one day after my facial at Caring Skin - not much make-up on here except BB cream, concealer and loose powder!

I'm pushing 30 soon so it's really high time to start caring for my skin and delay the dreaded ageing process! I'm quite excited that I have Caring Skin to depend on for that because I do believe that I am in good hands with them!

If you'd like to age gracefully and try out Caring Skin's services, click here to enjoy Caring Skin’s latest Anti-Ageing promotion! It's never too late to start your anti-ageing care now :)

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