CHO Renew - 1 month later

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Just last month, I was sharing on this new product that I had started trying out. You might have read it but if not, you can check out my previous post here.

So about one month ago, I started on CHO Renew that helps to regulate my intestinal health. It contains over 170 billion patented Lactic Acid Bacteria (LAB) in the small little sachet.
 For a start, I took it once a day when I'm having breakfast. I think it makes a nice finishing sweet note once I was done with breakfast. And sometimes if I don't have time for breakfast, I'll quickly pack it in my bag or leave some in the office so I can have it any time of the day. I love that it is really easy to drink and tastes great too!


I started taking CHO Renew because I was constantly feeling bloated and my digestion seems to be quite poor lately. I also had a few small episodes of flu. I did not realise that all these can be due to my poor intestinal health. It was recommended to me as I was told that poor intestinal health is the root cause of many health problems such as constipation, poor immunity and digestion and it can even affect our skin!

As I was taking Cho Renew, I learnt that not all probiotics are the same. I used to think that taking yogurt or yogurt drink is good for our health. Lately I discovered that many of the commercialised yogurts are not only high in sugar content, but most of the ‘good’ bacteria may have been destroyed by the time we consume it! This is because many ordinary friendly bacteria are sensitive to heat and can be destroyed if not stored properly or not kept chilled during handling. Not only that, we need billions of good bacteria to make it have an effect on our body. Just by taking yogurt alone is not sufficient to keep our gut strong.

That is why AFC comes out with CHO Renew that has 170 billion friendly bacteria or probiotics and they are very resilient to withstand heat and acid in our stomach. It is also enhanced with prebiotics (the food for probiotics) that makes this formula so effective and not forgetting the skin-loving silk peptides to give the benefit of skin clarity.

I've been diligently taking this every day for the past month and I think onto my 3rd week, friends said that I was glowing and looked healthier! It's really amazing what this little sachet does for my health and I can't be happier to continue with it :)

Overall, I love how it has brightened up my complexion and regulate my intestinal health! I feel like my health is in a better shape and I noticed that I'm very quick to recover from illnesses too. To try Cho Renew, you can check out their website here!

CHO Renew

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"You Are What You Eat." At least that's what they say. And I think that's pretty true! It wasn't until a few years ago that I found out that what you eat, or rather intake, has effects on your skin. I had a mild breakout around my mouth last year and when I went to do a facial, my therapist asked was it because I ate lots of oily food. And true enough, I was really eating more oily food than usual during that period of time! But that's a story for another time.

So with this saying in mind, I started to be more conscious of what I eat. And to be honest, I have quite a bit of a digestion problem. I don't go as often as I should and that's really bad for my body. I feel really tired all the time and very 'heavy'.

A couple of weeks ago, I was introduced to AFC's CHO Renew to aid with that!

Just a little background on AFC Japan: Founded in 1969, AFC Japan is a leading brand in anti-aging science and nutritional research. Backed by a team of reputable and dedicated scientists and research personnel, together with the unwavering dedication towards product efficacy, quality and safety, AFC has innovated many products that are category leaders and are well trusted by millions of customers in Japan and worldwide.

 CHO Renew is a supplement to regulate intestinal health, which in turns promote a healthier and more radiant skin. It also improves your immunity and restores gut flora balance. What gut flora balance is a basically having more good bacteria in your gut! If your intestines have more bad bacteria, it affects your body's ability to absorb nutrients.

In CHO Renew, it has an unparelled amount of 170 billion patented probiotics (good bacteria for your gut) along with prebiotics and other vital nutrients to promote natural multiplication of our body's resident friendly bacteria.

Benefits of a good intestinal health after taking CHO Renew:
  • A glowing, radiant skin.
  • Plumps up skin cells and smoothen dry, rough complexion.
  • Reduces diarrhoea and constipation.
  • Supports strong immunity.
It is also recommended for people who have these issues:

To enjoy CHO Renew, it's really easy! Just tear open the small satchet, pour it into your mouth and take it with sips of water in between! The satchet is really small so it's perfect for bringing out with you on the go. Furthermore, it tastes really good! It reminds me of Orange Julius, which I love a lot!

Alternatively, if you want to enjoy a refreshing orange yoghurt flavoured drink, you can simply pour the powder out from the satchet into a cup and mix it with cool water!

It's my third week on CHO Renew and I can feel a difference in my body! My bowel movements have definitely been more regular so that's really good to know! Plus the fact that CHO Renew doesn't contain any laxative, I know my body is doing well with CHO Renew regulating my bowel movements! My personal added bonus was a brighter and more radiant skin. I can see it's a lot brighter and my friends have been asking if I've been using any brightening powder so that's how much my skin's radiance has improved.

I'm glad I don't have to go through major detoxes to get my intestinal health in check when all I have is CHO Renew! It's so much easier to consume and I don't have to starve myself! If you have bowel movement problems, I highly recommend taking CHO Renew to feel the difference, not just on the inside but on the outside as well!

You can get CHO Renew (U.P S$44.30. Introductory offer at S$39.90) at NTUC Unity Pharmacies, selected Watsons and Guardian stores! And don’t forget to check out CHO Renew at their website:

Pedestrian Night - February Edition

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Have you ever visited Pedestrian Night that happens every first Saturday evening of the month? If you haven't, I'm going to share with you on what you missed out so you still can enjoy it through the post!

Every month's theme is different so that makes it more unpredictable and fun each time! February's edition of Pedestrian Night was all about movies!

And that's right - patrons were able to watch a movie ON Orchard Road itself!

This special initiative was spearheaded by the People's Association and on Pedestrian Night, there was a screening of a selection of local film productions, as well as a series of ciNE65 three-minute short films. 

I know there are concepts of watching movies in a car like a drive-thru cinema but watching in the middle of Singapore's busiest road under the stars really sounds like an experience not to be missed! 

While for those with young ones, it may be hard for them to keep still and watch a movie so there were lots of other activities to keep kids and families occupied! There were street buskers, magicians, balloon sculptors and jugglers for live entertainment!

Not only were there free entertainment acts at Pedestrian Night, there were lots of deals and freebies too! For example, at the February Pedestrian Night, patrons who downloaded the "OneOrchard" app got a free wristband water bottle!

There were lots of in-mall promotions for shopping centres along Orchard Road. One of my favourite departmental stores, Tangs, was having a 12% rebate for its members (usual is 6% rebate) for only one day! And true to my auntie self, I took advantage of this deal and scored a huge rebate as I was buying a blender for my house!

As with every Pedestrian Night, it is always packed, both in terms crowd and in terms of activities and entertainment! Every round of Pedestrian night that I went for had its own highlights which made me look forward to the next round I was going to. It was really an interesting experience that they closed the busy roads for everyone to experience the sights and sounds of Orchard - carnival style, entertainment for everyone!

3 Reasons Why I Love Caring Skin

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To date, I think Caring Skin has been my go-to facial spa for the longest time. If I'm not wrong, I've been visiting Caring Skin for almost two years now, and since the first time I stepped foot into Caring Skin, I have noticed remarkable improvements in my skin. Apart from the amazing skin that Caring Skin has helped to maintain, there are also other reasons why I love Caring Skin! There's a special promo for my  readers so do read on!

1. Service

 The moment I enter Caring Skin, I am greeted by their friendly therapists. They are always sooo chirpy and always smiling, making sure I'm well taken care of. Not only are they friendly, the therapists here are trained to be customer-centric and doing their best for them. Whenever I'm left alone to rest during a masking session, they would check in on me at least once to make sure that I'm ok. Even during the treatment, they would also ask if the pressure is just right and if you are feeling comfortable.

2. Results

 More importantly, I saw results in my visits to Caring Skin. I believe that everybody's skin is different and that no one treatment is suitable for all types of skin. At Caring Skin, they recommend treatments accordingly to your skin. Yes, many other places do that now but every single time I visit, they make the effort to analyse my skin and provide the best treatment for it.

When I came back from Japan after 2-week holiday, my skin was parched from the dry and cold weather and no amount of moisturizer could save it. I went to Caring Skin because I knew that they surely had something that could help me out. True enough, they did a Hydrascience Facial, something different than my usual, because they knew my skin was really dry.

This was taken after my Japan trip and after a facial with Caring Skin. No make-up here but there was a certain glow and radiance yes? :)

And without fail after each session, my skin sees results instantly! My face is much smoother and visibly brighter. With each session, the results just last longer and longer until I feel like... "Oh, it's time to head to Caring Skin? But my skin feels pretty good!" And honestly, I would gladly pay for the facial services because they are THAT good.

3. Follow-up

Caring Skin is not just about providing a service; they are sincere in your interests and constantly follow up the next day to make sure that your skin is in tip-top condition. To make things easier, instead of calling you, they would do the follow-up via Whatsapp so that you can reply at your convenience. They are really prompt with their response too!

Another thing about being contactable via Whatsapp is that I can drop them a message to fix an appointment! I don't have to find time to call them; I just need to type a message and send!


Taken one day after my facial at Caring Skin - not much make-up on here except BB cream, concealer and loose powder!

I'm pushing 30 soon so it's really high time to start caring for my skin and delay the dreaded ageing process! I'm quite excited that I have Caring Skin to depend on for that because I do believe that I am in good hands with them!

If you'd like to age gracefully and try out Caring Skin's services, click here to enjoy Caring Skin’s latest Anti-Ageing promotion! It's never too late to start your anti-ageing care now :)

It's me, I'm back!

I'm finally back in action but sadly not on my previous platform. Unforunately, my previous blog had crashed (I would like to believe that, and not that I got hacked) and all my posts were gone :'(

Sorry it took me so long to get this back and running and to whoever is still reading my blog, I really appreciate your support thus far!

I promise PROMISE to populate this blog with more content but for now, let me make some final tweaks to this blog and hopefully, it doesn't crash on me!

If there's anything you want to read on my blog or have any questions, please feel free to drop me a note! More than happy to know what's on your mind :)